• The definitive ranking of Sprout programming blocks

    The definitive ranking of Sprout programming blocks

    Join us today as we discuss all seven of Sprout’s original dayport programming blocks – from the best to the worst!

  • Maddie’s Ten Favorite Sprout characters

    Maddie’s Ten Favorite Sprout characters

    Madeline Fretz – Welcome back, folks, to Parents and Kids Share Together on WordPress. Now for a post that I’ve been thinking about writing ever since we moved here – my personal top ten favorite Sprout characters. Please note that this is only original characters – sorry, no Barney, Thomas, or Bob the Builder here! […]

  • The history of Parents and Kids Share Together

    Madeline Fretz – Dear friends, as of today, we’ve reached 400 posts. That’s right, folks, 400 posts about what made children’s television great. Over the past two years, I’ve established myself as the #1 go-to site for Sprout fans. Okay, people, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of my […]

  • Thank You for the Music

    Madeline Fretz – An Australian Sprout fan (who prefers not to have her name mentioned) emailed me and gave me her requests for posts (including “Sprout World Tour” and “Sprout Fashion Show“). One of those requests was a post about playlists the Sprout gang listens to. Today, I’m here to take a look at the […]

  • Sprout and Autism

    Image from 2018 Madeline Fretz – You know me, but one thing you don’t know about me is that I’m an autistic girl, which may explain why I love little kids’ shows. I’ll admit, I’ve loved little kids’ shows ever since I was a toddler, but having autism may be the reason why I’m a […]

  • The Girls of Sprout

    A trio with only one female. Image from the Wayback Machine Madeline Fretz – Even at the tender age of fourteen, I’m a big fan of children’s shows – not just ones from America, but also ones from other countries, even if they’re not in English. I don’t know why, but maybe this is because […]

  • Growth Spurt for Two-Year-Old Sprout

    Madeline Fretz – One thing I do from time to time here at Parents and Kids Share Together is write about old articles about Sprout. Since my blog is turning two at the end of this month, I thought now would be a perfect time to write about when Sprout turned two in 2007. And […]

  • Sprout and September 26

    Madeline Fretz – As we all know, PBS Kids Sprout launched as a video-on-demand service on Comcast in April 2005, and as a digital cable channel on September 26, 2005. Every year since then, Sprout has done something to celebrate, and here’s a list: As mentioned in a previous post, Sprout has done a series […]

  • The History of Sprout: part 1 – The First Generation, 2005-2009

    Madeline Fretz – NBCUniversal is big: it has many networks (NBC1, NBC2, NBC3, NBC4, NBC News, NBC Sports, Universal Kids, and the upcoming Peacock streaming service), launched in 1926. But PBS is also a growing company – it has different stations with their own schedules in each state, launched in 1970. Meanwhile, Sesame Workshop and […]

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